API Docs & WordPress Plugin

We’ve just updated the 30suns API Reference to better flesh out how to use the API to request services and log incident reports. It’s a pretty simple and lightweight API, check it out.

We have some examples using curl, ruby and PHP. If you’ve done some API work and would like us to include your code within the API reference, contact us.

Also, in other news, Andy Sozot has put together a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to embed your 30suns hosted status page directly within a WordPress page using a shortcode. Thanks, Andy!

New Documentation Center

Our shiny new documentation center is online along with some nice guides for how to set up and publish your hosted status page, log incident reports, and share your profile online. To check it out, visit 30suns.com/docs/.

Introducing 30suns: Hosted Status Pages

Introducing 30suns, where anyone can launch a hosted status page in seconds.

With our simple interface you can easily log incident reports and publish updates to your users in real time. Highlights of the service include full and embeddable dashboard profiles, a set of simple RESTful APIs for integrating with your internal systems, account-wide and service-specific RSS feeds, tabbed service grouping and more.

30suns is free to try for 7 days and pricing starts at just $7/mo. Start publishing service incident reports to your hosted status page today!